Crypto Lobbying Surges 1,130% – What’s Driving the Growth?

• Crypto lobbying expenditure has increased by 1,130% in the last five years.
• Major players in the crypto space are investing significant amounts of money into efforts to sway politicians and regulators.
• The surge in crypto lobbying is a response to increasing regulatory scrutiny of the industry.

Crypto Lobbying Rose 1,130% in 5 Years

The crypto industry has seen a massive surge in lobbying expenditure over the past five years, with an increase of 1,130%. This reflects the growing regulatory scrutiny that the industry is facing from lawmakers and regulators.

What’s Driving The Surge?

Louis Schoeman, a crypto expert at Forex Suggest, offered his insights on why this surge has occurred. He pointed to various scandals and setbacks that have affected the credibility of the industry, such as FTX’s scandal and its founder’s indictment. Crypto firms are increasingly attempting to influence policy decisions in their favor through lobbying expenditure which explains why there has been such an exponential rise in spending on this front.

The Threat Of SEC Lawsuits

Schoeman also highlighted potential lawsuits by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against major players like Coinbase and Binance as another factor driving up crypto lobbying expenditures. These legal challenges could challenge existing notions about token regulations or assert SEC jurisdiction over cryptocurrency tokens, which could lead to more stringent regulations for crypto firms going forward.

Major Players Investing In Lobbying Efforts

Major players within the crypto space are investing significantly into efforts to sway both politicians and regulators towards policies that benefit them. As such, these companies have increased their lobbying expenditure substantially over recent years as they fight back against heightened regulatory scrutiny.


Crypto lobbying expenditure has continued to rise exponentially since it began taking off five years ago due to increasing regulation targeting blockchain-based projects and digital assets within the United States as well as other countries around the world . Major companies have invested heavily into influencing policy decisions , leading to higher levels of spending on this front than ever before .

Crypto Lobbying Surges 1,130% – What’s Driving the Growth?
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