Month: November 2020

Weekly Recap: Bitcoin and Ethereum Enter New Bullish Cycle, But Technicals Spell Trouble

Konstantin Anissimov, dyrektor wykonawczy w CEX.IO, dzieli się swoimi spostrzeżeniami na temat tygodniowych zmian cen Bitcoin (BTC) i Ethereum (ETH). Bitcoin generuje 18,24% tygodniowych zwrotów jako kupno rakiet ciśnieniowych. Flagowa krypto waluta weszła w nowy, byczy cykl, który wydaje się być wspierany przez masowy napływ kapitału instytucjonalnego do przemysłu krypto walutowego. Ponieważ miliarderzy, tacy jak […]

Bitcoin better than stocks and gold? Crypto market on the up

Bitcoin has shown a significant upward trend lately. In mathematical terms, Bitcoin has a higher return than stocks and gold. All Bitcoin Hodlers will be happy right now, because the king of cryptocurrencies is rising and rising. The website showed that Bitcoin performed better than real estate, gold and stocks over a four-year period. […]

Despite being “halved”, Bitcoin miners are again as high in sales as before

Many Bitcoin miners will probably use the regained profitability as an opportunity to sell. While Bitcoin ( BTC ) has seen its highest price since January 2018 , mining the market-leading cryptocurrency is becoming more and more profitable for several reasons According to data from, Bitcoin miner’s sales have now risen to a level […]

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